Pelvic Sling II

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The SAM Pelvic Sling™, or SAM Pelvic Binder, is a critical medical device for managing pelvic fractures in pre-hospital settings, aimed at preventing life-threatening complications such as significant blood loss and organ damage.

It features a mechanical advantage pulley system for controlled, safe force application, ensuring snug and effective stabilisation. The device is designed for ease of use, with quick adjustability for a wide range of patient sizes, making it suitable for various types of pelvic fractures. Being radiolucent allows for X-ray examinations without removal, aiding in prompt diagnosis and treatment. The SAM Pelvic Binder’s role in immediate stabilisation is crucial for controlling pelvic bleeding, significantly improving patient outcomes in traumatic situations.

It is widely used in EMS, military medicine, and search and rescue, highlighting its effectiveness and importance in trauma care protocols globally.

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SAM® Pelvic Sling II

36-54 inch Large, 32-50 inch Medium, 27-45 inch Small


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