CAT Tourniquet Gen 7 (Genuine)

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The Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) Generation 7 represents a major advancement in tourniquet technology, offering critical benefits for controlling severe limb bleeding in pre-hospital settings. It is designed for one-handed application, allowing for self-application in emergencies and features a single routing buckle for quick and easy use.

The CAT Gen 7 is built with durable materials for reliability in various conditions and includes safety mechanisms to ensure it stays in place during transport. Its wider band increases effectiveness and comfort, while visual indicators aid correct application. The tourniquet is versatile, adjusting to fit a broad range of limb sizes, making it suitable for adults and children.

Compact and lightweight, it is essential for soldiers, first responders, and medical professionals. It provides a fast, effective, and secure method to halt life-threatening bleeding and improve survival chances.

Цей продукт має знижку для України. Будь ласка, використовуйте WhatsApp, щоб отримати знижену ціну.


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  1. Nicola

    Special thanks to Nicola and High Peak First Aid Training for the tourniquets that saved my husband and his brothers lives.

    Anna August 2023

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