I’m here every day. If I am not sleeping, I will respond to your WhatsApp messages.

I have been providing support for Ukraine for over a year now. We have some items on our website but can give you access to our Ukraine Catalogue. I send out genuine tourniquets, Celox Z Fold Rapid, trauma dressings, chest seals, stretchers and needle decompression kits every week. If we do not sell it we find it for you.

If you are part of a fundraising support group or one person sending back to a family member in Ukraine, please WhatsApp Nicola on 07931 360328. You can use this number any time of day or night. I respond from 0500hrs-2200hrs. None of this is possible without the hard work of all the volunteer groups raising funds to supply these goods. This message also applies to any conflict zone, if innocent people need help, I will offer a solution or refer you onwards into a trusted network.

You will see some items in our first aid shop but more are being added. I have now added a Ukraine Collection: Click here Будь ласка, використовуйте WhatsApp 07931 360328 для ціни в Україні. Ця ціна знижена порівняно з тим, що ви бачите на нашому вебсайті.

We buy in bulk and offer very generous discounts. Please use WhatsApp 07931 360328 to check pricing.

Україна в моєму серці 

Слава Україні!

Слава Україні!