NIO Intraosseous Device Adult™ 15g

£113.99 inc VAT

The NIO® is an automatic intraosseous device that provides a quick and efficient solution for accessing blood vessels in emergencies where conventional IV access is challenging.

This device enables the fast administration of fluids and drugs through the bone marrow. It functions without batteries or external power sources, which increases its reliability in critical situations. The key features of NIO include its sterile single-use design that prevents cross-contamination, the ability to establish vascular access in just 10 seconds, and its compact and lightweight nature, weighing only 3.5 ounces.

The NIO is also maintenance-free, has a 5-year shelf life, and includes safety measures like a concealed needle to prevent needlestick injuries and reduce the risk of infections. It is designed for adults (via the humerus) and pediatric patients (via the tibia), making it a versatile and essential tool in emergency medical care.

The NIO represents significant advancements in medical technology to improve patient outcomes in acute settings.



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