Questions – based on what we get asked….

Q: Do all of your courses run?
A: We have been providing courses for 18 years and have a good reputation and returning clients.  No course provider can say that every course will run.  However, we have our own training venue so that removes one obstacle as we do not need to have a full course to cover the cost of the venue.  If you are in a fix and need a course to run then please call as we have a “can do” attitude and almost always find a solution.

Q: Can I get to you by public transport?
A: There is access by bus and train with good connections from all over the UK.  We have regular overseas clients who fly in for courses and use public transport. If you need assistance with transport please contact us as we assist you at no extra cost.

Q: Can we hire your venue for our training courses?
A: Sorry, we are not able to hire out our venue as we use both training rooms almost every day for providing courses.