Celox Rapid Z Fold Gauze 5ft – In Stock

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100+ in stock.  If you need more than 10, please get in touch with us.  There are discounts for Ukraine and other significant conflicts. 

Celox Z-Fold Rapid is an advanced haemostatic agent designed to quickly stop arterial bleeding in emergencies, utilising chitosan to accelerate clotting. It offers fast action for rapid clotting, ease of use with its Z-Fold design for quick application, and remains effective even in patients on anticoagulants.

Versatile for various wound types, it minimises exothermic reactions, ensuring safety even for those with shellfish allergies, and doesn’t require special storage conditions. Crucially, it reduces the risk of rebleeding, enhancing patient stabilisation.

Celox Z-Fold Rapid is a valuable addition to emergency medical care, significantly impacting the management of traumatic injuries by providing an immediate, effective bleeding control solution.


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