BOA Constricting IV Band

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The BOA Constricting IV Band is an innovative medical device that facilitates quicker and more effective intravenous access. Developed by North American Rescue, this product addresses the challenge of improving peripheral IV access with a design that significantly alters the traditional approach to using constricting bands. The BOA Constricting Band employs a revolutionary rolling action that transfuses venous blood to the distal veins while allowing arterial flow. This method not only distends the veins for better visibility.

Key features of the BOA Constricting IV Band include a patented design with a Quick Click connector and two-finger Quick Release, making it easy to use and efficient in emergency scenarios. This design aims to reduce the “time on task” for medical personnel treating combat casualties, civilian trauma patients, or patients with poor vascular access, such as those requiring diabetic wound care. The BOA Constricting Band is packaged in a rugged, vacuum-sealed package designed for sanitation and quick access, ensuring it is ready for use in various medical and emergency situations.

The product has been developed with the needs of first responders in mind. It was initially designed for the Armed Forces but is now available to all first responders. Its advanced design and effectiveness in facilitating IV access under challenging circumstances have made it a critical component of successful IV cannulation.

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