Twenty two years of first aid and pre-hospital care training

High Peak First Aid is now in their 22nd year of trading thanks to all of our clients. For 2019 we have made a significant investment into our training facility and equipment along with introducing new courses.

One of our key investments has been high fidelity moulage and models for wound packing and tourniquet training.  The treatment of life threatening bleeds is a feature on the High Peak Wilderness First Aid Courses.  The Wilderness First Aid courses are modular and range from 8-24hrs long and are suitable for use in the UK and overseas.  The High Peak Wilderness First Aid Module 1 is UK based and used by support staff on the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and for some Governing Body Awards.  Module 1 and 2 or the High Peak Wilderness First Aid 16hr course is an outdoor first aid course for use in the UK and overseas. Module 3 or the High Peak Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader module can be added at any time or completed as a three day course held once a month at our training facility in the Peak District.

In addition we have an onsite shop with a steadily growing product range including the full range of Celox products.  If you are attending an outdoor first aid course, First Response Emergency Care 3 (FREC 3), or First Response Emergency Care 4 (FREC 4) for example, we have twenty two years of experience to supply you with either a bespoke first aid kit or a full on pre-hospital care bag for use in the UK or in remote areas overseas.




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