High Peak Wilderness First Aid Module 1 & 2 (16hrs) – Outdoor First Aid

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Course Description 

This course equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to address life-threatening and non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, all within a comprehensive two-day outdoor program.

Successful completion results in a specialised first aid certificate tailored for outdoor activities recognised and accepted by Major Governing Bodies for 28 years.

Emphasising practical skills aligned with the latest best practices, our primary objectives are to:

  • Instil confidence in participants to differentiate between life-threatening and non-life-threatening conditions
  • Provide guidance on making informed decisions regarding the movement of individuals when necessary
  • Offer insights on actions to take while awaiting help
  • Educate on monitoring and recognising deteriorating conditions and the appropriate responses

Participants gain access to our regularly updated learning portal, ensuring timely awareness of changes in first aid guidelines and eliminating the three-year wait for updates.

Additionally, each participant receives a waterproof wilderness first aid pocketbook. With a limited class size of 8, as opposed to the industry standard of 12, our courses provide ample time for practice, fostering confidence and competence.

We offer 8-10 open courses monthly and accommodate group bookings. For organisations who need to pay by invoice, please get in touch with 01433 621484 or info@highpeakfirstaid.co.uk.

The drop-down boxes below contain more details.

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If you need help booking, please call 01433 621484 for immediate assistance. We have a team of five ready to take your call, so there is no answer phone during working hours, and calls are diverted after working hours to the duty administrator.



Who is the course for?

The High Peak Wilderness First Aid 16hr course suits those needing a 16hr outdoor first aid course to validate their National Governing Body Awards.

The course is also applicable to those who are Duke of Edinburgh Award Leaders and Forest School Leaders.

In addition, the training can be used for those who want to learn first aid to go into the outdoors as a leisure activity safely.




Continuous assessment is applied throughout the course. Confirmation of knowledge takes place through practical activities and scenarios. There is also a written section to confirm understanding.

The Immersive classroom

The immersive classroom enables us to put you into any environment such as:

  • By a river
  • Snowstorm
  • Hostile environments
  • Rural settings in the UK
  • Remote overseas locations
  • Domestic settings

This enables the participant to react to a challenging and dynamic environment including noise and smell.  Levels can be adjusted so as not to overwhelm the participant.

What's included?

We like to give you value for money. Previous participants have stated that something new always happens when they attend a course.

  • Access to our learning portal, pre and post-course with updates
  • Waterproof wilderness first aid manual
  • Refreshments to include biscuits, tea and Nespresso Coffee
  • Significant discounts on first aid supplies, including leading brands such as Celox and Leatherman
  • Emergency First Aid at Work certification at no extra cost. Most providers make an additional cost for this
Practical work outside

We have immediate access to a variety of grass and woodland.  In wet or windy weather we have sheltered places for the outdoor practicals.  In addition we have invested in Rigloo rescue shelters for the group to work in.  These simulate tents or shelters you would ordinarily have; they assemble in 30 seconds by a pump and provide a flexible but sturdy shelter that will not collapse on you.

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Course Content

First aid kits
First aid kits and best products for the wilderness environment

Safety for self, other’s and casualty
Correct PPE for the incident
Hygiene and infection control and prevention

Incident management
Incident management
Awareness of high-risk mechanisms of injury

Communicate effectively with the emergency services
Summoning Help
999/111/Mountain and Cave Rescue/Coast Guard/What 3 Words

Life threatening (catastrophic) haemorrhage
Recognise life threatening haemorrhage
Understand a stepwise approach to managing a catastrophic limb bleed
Application of tourniquet
Application of haemostats

Spinal Injury
Appreciate high risk mechanisms of injury for spinal injury
Manual inline stabilisation (MILS)

Inspect and clear airway
Recognise and treat airway obstruction, choking
Perform a head/tilt chin lift
Manage an airway by postural drainage

Identify if the casualty is breathing normally
Assess breathing, rate, depth and quality
Identify life-threatening chest conditions
Basic life support for Myocardial Infarction
Basic life support for Drowning
Competent in the use of an AED

Assess presence of circulation
Apply direct pressure
Application of appropriate wound dressings
Elevation of limb where appropriate
Splinting as haemorrhage control method

Assess AVPU
Identifying indicators of underlying head injury – concussion and compression
Perform a FAST Test (acute stroke)

Differentiate cold from hypothermia
Differentiate heat exhaustion from heat stroke
Recognise possibility of and prevent hypothermia
Assessment, treatment and casualty handling of patients exposed to extremes of temperature

The unconscious casualty
Perform a recovery position
Perform a spinal log roll
Conduct a safe and efficient Primary Survey

Recognition and treatment of shock

Recognition and management of Asthma (including life threatening), Diabetes (hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia), Epilepsy, Allergic reactions, Anaphylaxis (including application of auto-injectors), Myocardial Infarction, Angina (stable and unstable)
Recognition of the early warning and late signs of Meningitis
Recognition of the early warning and late signs Sepsis

Thermal Injury
Understand and treat burns

Recognition and management of the unconscious drowned patient
Recognition and management of conscious patient after immersion in water
Recognition of late complications of drowning

Minor Injuries

Eye Injuries

Recognition of possible fracture
Identification of suspected dislocation
Recognition & appropriate initial treatment of soft tissue injury

Lyme Disease

Bites and Stings

Lightning Injury

Casualty Handling
Understanding when to and how to move a person

Physical Exam

Monitoring of vital signs
Recognising the deteriorating person


41 reviews for High Peak Wilderness First Aid Module 1 & 2 (16hrs) – Outdoor First Aid

  1. Nicola

    Hi Nicola,

    Thank you very much for having me, I found the course very informative and have taken a lot from it. I will most likely need some supplies before my ML assessment in September so I will be in touch.

    Many thanks,
    Dudley (June 2024)

  2. Nicola

    Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for a great course, the pre-event information learning was excellent and the waterproof booklet is now in my car inside the first aid kit – it is a masterpiece in my opinion! I found your style a breath of fresh air. I think that the course was so effective not just because of the small group but because everyone bought into the learning so teamwork was a pleasure.

    I am much more confident that I could help if I had to assist or take charge at an incident although I hope I never have too.

    See you in three years.

    Robert (3-4 February 2024)

  3. Nicola

    Dear Nicola

    Thanks very much for the email and certifications, the course was very good and again we learnt a lot. Really enjoyed all the practicals as it gives you a good feeling for reality and well set up, exactly what we needed. I have just emailed my manager regarding new supplies of medical stuff so I will be in contact very soon.

    Kind regards

    Rob (Oct 23)

  4. Nicola

    Hi Nicola

    Thank you for certificate and a great course.

    Kind Regards Paul (16-17 September 2023)

  5. Nicola


    On behalf of everyone thank you for the teaching and guidance.

    Lorenzo (Sept 2023)

  6. Nicola

    Hi Nicola,

    Thanks very much. I will definitely be back when it comes to renewing the qualification. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

    Andy (April 2023)

  7. Nicola

    Thanks Nicola,

    Great to see you again also. Another excellent course and brilliant addition of the immersive environment.

    See you in 3 years!

    Brandon (May 2023)

  8. Nicola

    Dear Nicola,

    Apologies for my belated reply. Thank you very much for sending the certificate and for your e-mail. I really enjoyed your course; it was very professionally delivered and very well organised. We covered a lot in detail, and I enjoyed the different learning materials you used. I felt I learnt a lot more than when I did my First Aid at Work course.
    I will definitely see you in 3 years time! Hopefully!
    I will be in touch with you for the supplies. I need to gather my equipment.
    Wishing you all the very best,
    Sonya (July2023)

  9. Nicola

    Hi Nicola,
    Thanks for spending the certificate on, and for the great training. It was a really informative and enjoyable week.

    Gordon (April 2023)

  10. Nicola

    Hi Nicola

    Just really wanted to say thank you for the course. I left feeling as if I had learned some really fundamental skills that, whilst I hope to never put them into practice, will stand me in very good stead should the worst happen. Time extremely well spent indeed and I am currently putting together my First Aid kit order.

    I would also like to support your excellent work supporting the activities going on in the Ukraine. Your decision to barely cover your costs for this life-saving equipment speaks very well of you as a human being. I’d like to spend £100 on useful items to be added to an order or perhaps via the other people you are co-ordinating with. This way I will know it’s going to the right place and is composed of the right things. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know what to order and pay for, or throwing me over to another contact I would really appreciate it.

    Have a great week. And thanks again.

    Alexandra (May 2023)

  11. Nicola

    Hello Nichola

    Thank you for a fantastic two days course, very much appreciated and very educational and informative. I feel lot more prepared for my next walking and Mountain biking adventures with David. We both had a great time.

    Gareth and David (June 2023)

  12. Nicola

    Thanks Nicola, I really enjoyed the course. Nice to be a student again for a while!

    By the way, you’re really good at what you do, I picked up a lot of teaching tips.

    Best Regards,

    Colin (June 2023)

  13. Nicola

    Thanks Nicola and delighted to see you going from strength to strength. I shall sing your praises if I know of anyone looking to refresh or take a Wilderness First Aid course.

    All the best
    John (June 2023)

  14. nicola pickering

    Hi Nicola,

    Thank you for the certificates and thank you again for a fantastic course. I’ll be back in three years.

    Martin (July 2023)

  15. nicola pickering

    Hi Nicola,

    Many thanks. It was great to meet you also, and the course was very enjoyable.
    James (June 2023)

  16. nicola pickering

    Thanks Nicola, I learned a lot. Liked your immersive classroom and particularly useful trying everything outside. Regards, James (July 2023)

  17. nicola pickering

    Dear Nicola,

    Many thanks for this and for your course, I learnt so much.
    Gemma (July 2023)

  18. nicola pickering

    Thank you for providing a fantastic course and providing the certificates.

    (July 2023)

  19. nicola pickering

    Dear Nicola
    Many thanks for such a good course. We were both really glad we came and it has given us quite a few things to think about regarding safety and dealing with emergencies on our walking trips. We thought the course looked better than anything in our area so were really pleased to have been able to address the various issues we’ve thought about on our climbing expeditions.
    Many thanks again and I’d also recommend the camping site at Hayfield- caravan and camping club.
    With best wishes
    Elizabeth and Robert
    (July 2023)

  20. nicola pickering

    Thank you Nicola,

    I really enjoyed the course as always.
    Emma (July 2023)

  21. nicola pickering

    Dear Nicola,

    Thank you for the first aid course a couple of weeks ago. It was definitely worthwhile.

    David (July 2023)

  22. nicola pickering

    Thanks Nicola, I really enjoyed the course. Nice to be a student again for a while!

    By the way, you’re really good at what you do, I picked up a lot of teaching tips.

    Best Regards,

    Colin L (June 2023)

  23. nicola pickering

    Thanks Nicola, it was good to be back!

    Colin (June 2023)

  24. nicola pickering

    Thanks Nicola.

    Great course – really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

    Kind regards

    David (07/07/23)

  25. nicola pickering

    Hi Nicola,

    Thank you for sending the cert through! I hope to see you in 3 years time.

    It was a great course which was well delivered, extra tips that were added were relevant and were complimentary to the course. It was great to have both the outdoor practical application and the interactive classroom which made it even more relevant to its purpose.

    Many thanks

  26. nicola pickering

    Hi Nicola,

    I am so very behind with my emails. Apologies for the delayed response.

    Thank you for a really excellent, thoughfully crafted, thorough, engaging and well delivered course. I was impressed how much you were able to cover in the 2 days while including all the practical components, opportunities for discussion and to get a hands-on look at various bits of equipment like the epipens, spacers and inhalers.

    The spiral bound aide-memoire and online learning portal transform the likelihood of the knowledge and skills gained on the course being consolidated and remaining useful in the field as time puts distance between the training and the time when it may be used.

    I’m glad Jules recommended you to me and I’ve been doing the same to everyone I’ve mentioned my RCI or first aid training to.

    All the best,


  27. nicola pickering

    Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for the certificate.

    It was really good to meet you as well. I really enjoyed the weekend and the content.




  28. nicola pickering

    Thanks Nicola. Excellent course as always.

    Best regards,

    6th March 2023

  29. nicola pickering

    Dear Nicola,

    Many thanks for the certificates. The three days were very enjoyable and fully refreshed my knowledge. The smaller number of participants made if much more focused and relevant to situations. Reduced scenarios and more discussion benefitted my theoretical learning style. The situational video screens are a great addition.

    Best wishes,

    8th March 2023

  30. nicola pickering

    Hi Nicola,
    Thank you for sending that over. Thanks so much for the course, I found it super useful and I felt confident coming away from it! Winner.
    2-3 November 2022

  31. nicola pickering

    Hi Nicola.
    Thanks again for the training.
    I really enjoyed it and will be recommending it to everyone I know who works in the outdoors and forestry-related industry.
    2 days of excellent training from Nicola. The course was always engaging.

    Very good for outdoors and remote work environments.
    Everyone on the course enjoyed the immersive classroom scenarios which is a brilliant learning tool and really helps to bring the training to life.
    All the best.

  32. Vanessa B

    Dear Nicola,

    Thanks very much for the course, and for sending the certificates through. The course was excellent and I enjoyed working with you and the group.


  33. R Evans

    Many thanks, Nicola.

    Really enjoyed the course on Saturday, particularly as we didn’t spend ages grinding over and over the basics, as per my previous course elsewhere! Also very much appreciated the fact that you served decent coffee, with real (as opposed to powdered!) milk! Thank you!

    Hopefully see you in three years time…

  34. Alison F

    Hi Nicola

    Firstly, thanks so much for running such an informative, professional and engaging first aid course that I attended, 15th and 16th June. I got a lot from it and now feel more confident and knowledgeable! 15-16 June 2022

  35. Mike P

    Very many thanks Nicola, a fantastic course with many thanks.

    Cheers, Mike

  36. Dave G

    “Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I will certainly be booking again with you and will highly recommend.
    The immersive classroom was brilliant!!” (D.G. 8-9 June 2022)

  37. S Pendry

    Thanks Nicola

    Lovely place you have and awesome course thank you 🙏

  38. L Trehearn

    Thank you and thank you for an amazing course, your enthusiasm and knowledge make a course (that we are reluctantly forced to be on) an absolute engaging pleasure. Your interactive classroom and hands on practical exceeded my expectations and made the course phenomenal. I do hope that by next time the covid rules are a thing of the past.

    L Trehearn

  39. Suzanne M

    Dear Nicola,
    Thank you.
    Your training was the most comprehensive first aid training that I have done.
    How you taught it under the necessary restrictions was fantastic.
    Thank you and see you in 3 years!!!
    Kind Regards,

  40. Kev D

    Hi Nicola

    Hope you are well.

    Firstly, thanks for a great course. I have attended many courses over the years, RYA, BCU, St Johns etc and have usually been disappointed, mainly that the deliverer usually has very little front line experience of incidents and accidents; frequently I have noticed that the collective experience in the room has had more ‘hands on’ incident experience than the guy delivering the course.
    Not so in your case.

    Take care of yourself.


  41. Mark W

    Good morning Nicola,

    Thank you for the certificates. I enjoyed the weekend in spite of the weather and the additional burden of the Covid imposed constraints; I think our group was very good and maintained a sense of humour throughout which of course helps.

    None of this is possible without your hard work and commitment to keeping everyone enthused and safe. I’m particularly impressed by your adaptability and eagerness to try new things, such as the camera and screen setup downstairs, which makes the learning experience even better. I think putting the pre-learning material online contributes greatly to the efficiency of the weekend and provides a long-term reference for those occasions when we need a little reminder. When we see how much of the resources have to be thrown away or washed it is easy to see why the course is not cheap but I feel we’re getting excellent value for money.

    Many thanks for a very rewarding weekend; I look forward to seeing you, and Dave if he survives the list of injuries he currently has, in three years.

    Kind regards


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