Topical Skin Adhesive
Winged Tube

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LiquiBand® Optima is designed to address emergency departments’ clinical demands and patient needs. It features an octyl-blend cyanoacrylate monomer, which offers the quick-setting properties of butyl-cyanoacrylates for wound closure and the flexibility of octyl-cyanoacrylates for wound dressing. This formulation benefits patients and clinicians by enabling rapid, safe, and precise wound treatment with excellent cosmetic outcomes.

The device is ready to use straight from the pack, equipped with a unique winged actuator for easy application, providing clinicians with greater control for faster, safer, and more accurate wound closure. Its no-sting formula makes it suitable for sensitive patients, including children and those apprehensive about needles. LiquiBand® Optima sets in 10 seconds, offering quick and secure cosmetic wound closure. Additionally, its polymerised octyl-blend monomer forms a microbial barrier and is water-resistant, enhancing wound protection against infections. Unlike some alternatives, LiquiBand® Optima does not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature, making it more convenient to handle and store. Key features include microbial barrier protection, fast setting time, strength and security, pre-assembled design, precision applicator, no-sting experience, and ambient temperature storage.



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