Code Red
Lightweight Alloy Stretcher

£132.00 inc VAT

The Code Red Lightweight Alloy Stretcher, designed for EMS, search and rescue, and military use, combines versatility and durability for efficient patient transport in diverse settings.

Constructed from high-strength lightweight alloys, with waterproof, fireproof and anti-cracking material that is easy to clean, it ensures easy portability and quick deployment, making it capable of safely carrying patients of various weights. Its durability, supported by advanced alloy construction, allows it to endure harsh conditions and repeated use. At the same time, its foldable, compact design makes it suitable for emergency scenarios.

The stretcher enhances patient comfort and safety with secure restraints and adjustable features, and its compatibility with other medical equipment enables comprehensive care. Offering good value through its durability and reusability including a fully zipped carry bag and straps, the stretcher is a cost-effective choice for emergency services.




Stretcher weight: 5.5kg

Maximum load: up to 159kg


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