NIO Paediatric™ 18g Intraosseous Access Device

£113.99 inc VAT

The NIO Pediatric™ 18g Intraosseous Access Device is an essential medical tool that provides quick and reliable vascular access in pediatric emergency situations.

This automatic device is designed specifically for children and offers vascular access within 10 seconds, making it an essential tool in critical care where time is critical. The device is sterile, safe, and features a concealed needle to minimize needlestick injuries. It operates without batteries or external power, making it reliable in any setting.

The NIO Pediatric™ is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport and use, with no assembly required. It has a long shelf life and is maintenance-free, making it a cost-effective option for emergency medical services, hospitals, and disaster response teams.

The device is ideal for insertion into the tibia, ensuring effective fluid and drug administration, and enhancing pediatric care during emergencies.



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