Traction Splint

£278.39 inc VAT

The CT-6 Traction Splint is a specialised medical device for stabilising mid-shaft femoral fractures in pre-hospital care.  It is valued for its lightweight, compact design, making it easily portable for use in various field conditions by emergency medical services and military personnel. Key features include its adjustable traction mechanism, which allows for precise force application to align the bone properly, pain management, and ease of use, ensuring quick application in critical situations.

It is designed to be versatile, catering to adult and paediatric patients, and is made from durable materials to withstand diverse environments. The mechanism applies gentle traction, effectively reducing pain and preventing further tissue damage. Overall, the CT-6 Traction Splint plays a crucial role in pre-hospital emergency care, significantly improving the management of traumatic femoral injuries.



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