Blast Bandage 50cm x 50cm

£13.14 inc VAT

The Blast Bandage is a specialised medical dressing that is specifically designed to treat large and traumatic wounds, particularly those caused by explosions that are often seen in military and tactical settings.

It measures 50cm x 50cm, which allows it to cover extensive injuries or multiple wounds all at once. The bandage’s key features include its large size, high absorbency that effectively controls bleeding, and integrated pressure application mechanisms that help stop bleeding.

Additionally, it provides a sterile barrier that protects against infection and is designed with quick-grip tabs for easy application under stressful situations. Its versatile design also makes it adaptable for various injuries like abdominal wounds or limb injuries.

This bandage is essential in emergency medical kits for military, EMS, and disaster response teams where it plays a critical role in managing severe bleeding and stabilizing patients during transport to advanced care facilities



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