Special Operations Forces
Tactical Tourniquet
(Wide) Orange

£28.00 inc VAT



The Special Operations Forces Tactical Tourniquet (Wide) in Orange provides significant benefits for high-risk workplaces such as rope access, off-shore operations, wind farms, deer stalking, and outdoor pursuits. Its bright orange colour enhances visibility, which is crucial in fast-paced or poorly lit environments, ensuring it can be easily located and deployed.

The wide band improves comfort and effectiveness in pressure distribution, reducing further injury risks during prolonged use. Its robust construction is built to withstand harsh conditions and is ideal for the variable and often extreme environments encountered in these sectors. Additionally, its design for quick application is vital in emergencies where time is critical.

Versatile enough to be applied on any limb and for different body sizes, the SOFTT Orange is an essential safety tool for managing severe bleeding in diverse and demanding outdoor or industrial settings. This tourniquet is recognised by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC).  This is the wide version, as the 1″ was removed from their recommendations.

The design allows:

  • For one-handed application
  • The material is strong and of high quality
  • Robust to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • Available in Orange or Black
  • Weight 90g



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