Return to First Aid Training in June

The first aid training will be compliance with the Government, Awarding Bodies and HSE guidelines. Due to social distancing, we are only taking five people per course in June and July.  As a result of this the fee has increased but will include:

  • All PPE.  We are using see-through face shields so you do not have to struggle the day through a paper mask which often increases face touching to adjust the fit. In addition, you keep the face shield.
  • Five people per course as this will ensure you receive more practical sessions and individual attention.
  • You will receive one mannequin per person with face shield as this decreases the chances of infection significantly.
  • The two classrooms will be “fogged” or sanitised at the end of each day.  We are using this method because it ensures we can cover all the areas your are likely to come in contact with throughout the day.
  • We also havd a supply of PPE for purchase on courses.  These will only be sold in boxes and not split as this will reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Temperatures will be taken on site at the start of each day.
  • We are implementing a track and trace system.
  • We have our own tea making facilities that are not shared with anyone else in our classroom.
  • We have our own toilet within our building that is not shared with anyone else.
  • All classroom floors are hard laminate with a wood effect.  These are easy to sanitise during the day, at the end of the day and between courses unlike carpet.
  • We have no shortage of cleaning products as the Director is a “germophobe”!

Our usual standards of cleaning have been “Pandemic Ready” since 2007 when we took over out current building so adding some slight changes does not really cause a problem.

We are currently providing our FREC 3 course by a blend of virtual classroom and onsite training.  All Wilderness First Aid 16hrs and Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader courses are on site.





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