Saviour Tactical Rescue Stretcher

£598.80 inc VAT

The Saviour Tactical Rescue Stretcher is a durable and versatile piece of equipment designed for emergency and tactical use in challenging environments.

It is especially useful in combat zones or disaster sites where space is limited. The stretcher is made with reinforced nylon, which allows it to carry heavy loads and withstand harsh conditions. It is also compact and portable, with foldable or rollable components for easy transport and quick deployment. The stretcher is adaptable for various rescue operations, and it is equipped with adjustable straps, multiple handles, and anchor points for secure transport by different means, including helicopter.

Patient comfort and safety are ensured with padding, rigid support systems, and safety harnesses.

The stretcher is extensively used by military personnel, search and rescue teams, EMS, and firefighters. It is crucial in situations ranging from urban disasters to remote rescues, offering a reliable solution for transporting injured individuals safely and efficiently.




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