Emergency Preparedness First Aid
for Disaster Zones


Course Description

This course will enable an individual, family or organisation to maximize their chances of survival in a disaster such as, fire, flood, tsunami, hurricane or earthquake. There is a core syllabus focusing on first aid in disasters with bolt on modules. The course is currently available for government organisations, NGO’s and schools as an example. Training packages are available for High Peak First Aid to train your key staff and leave your organisation with the necessary skills to cascade training across your organisation.  This aspect is particularly relevant if you live or work in a country that is prone to natural disaster. Please remember your duty to house keepers and siblings as they may be the only people to give first aid to you after a disaster. Natural disasters are not selective in population as a CEO or government representative your life may depend on a child. Language is not a barrier for our courses as we have proven experience in training overseas and have course material to support training. Course fees depend on numbers attending and location.

If you are interested in this course some aspects are covered on the following courses:

High Peak Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader Module 3 (8 hrs)

High Peak Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader Module 1-3 (24 hrs)

High Peak Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader Module 1-4 (32 hrs)

High Peak Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader Module 1-5 (40 hrs)

Our next course will be held in Nepal this winter along with supporting course material in Nepali and English.  This course can be provided in the UK or world wide.  Please call 01433 621484 to discuss your options for this course.

The short video below was part of a training package in September 2014 for an NGO in Nepal committed to emergency preparedness training. Nepal had an earthquake on 25th April 2015.

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Sample Core Syllabus (16hrs)

  • Communication
  • Triage for Adults, children
  • Casualty Management – Assessment and recording
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation – Adult, Child and Baby – AED use
  • Shock – Neurogenic, Hypovolaemic, Anaphylactic, Cardiogenic, Septic and Psychogenic
  • Bleeding and wound management
  • Orthopaedic Trauma and Emergencies
  • Environmental related disorders
  • Medical Conditions

Bolt on Modules (each module is 2hrs)

  • Family and Personal Preparedness – food stores, back up plans, out of area contact, use of smartphones in an emergency, specific safety tasks, gathering place, vital personal documentation, emergency tools
  • Special Needs Population
  • Pets
  • Communication after a disaster
  • Aftermath – clean up, getting back to normal.
  • Flood and Tsunami related Hazards and information
  • Hurricane/Tornado Hazards and information
  • Earthquake/Landslide Hazards and information



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