High Peak First Aid Supplies

High Peak First Aid Supplies has almost finished our new price list for a comprehensive range of first aid supplies.  In addition to this our webshop is filling up with products that we will shortly release for you to purchase.  Our complete range will have first aid kits for the workplace and for those who need first aid kits for the outdoor environment.  We will have dedicated sections for outdoor first aid, forestry first aid and remote area first aid to name a few. These sections will have bespoke kits that are more cost effective to buy as opposed to the individual items.  There will also be a complete range of Celox and tourniquets for the arrest of major haemorrhage.

If you attend a course at High Peak First Aid we also offer you free Celox and Tourniquet training, additional Emergency First Aid at Work (6hrs) certification for free and a discount on any first aid supplies bought on the day.  On select courses such as The High Peak Wilderness First Aid Modules 1-5 we have special offers on bundles of first aid supplies for those working in remote or hostile environments.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting new products in the latest new section.


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