First Aid Supplies

Outdoor First Aid

High Peak First Aid has eight outdoor first aid courses every month.  These are held every Wednesday and Thursday and every weekend.  Over 21 years we have trained over 25.000 people with the courses being accepted by the major governing bodies such as the Mountain Training Association, British Canoeing and MIAS to name a few.

This outdoor first aid course comes with our waterproof wilderness first aid book.  In addition all course participants have access to a comprehensive selection of first aid supplies at discounted prices from our first aid supplies shop.  You can see current availability for this outdoor first aid course here.

There is the option to also attend the First Response Emergency Care Level 3 after the High Peak Wilderness First Aid Course.  If this option is taken, we deduct the £144 off the cost of the FREC 3 course.  Details of FREC 3 can be seen here.

Free Celox Z-Fold Gauze

Free Celox Z-Fold Gauze for all First Response Emergency Care Level 3 (FREC 3) qualifications booked before Christmas 2017.  Life threatening bleeds are part of the syllabus so it makes sense to have your own kit.  High Peak First Aid stocks the complete range of Celox products and a comprehensive selection of tourniquets.  We also have a variety of first aid supplies and bags at discounted prices for course participants.

High Peak First Aid is an approved Qualsafe Centre to provide First Response Emergency Care qualifications.  The FREC series of qualifications are modular, appealing to first responders, security staff (SIA approved), outdoor instructors, expedition leaders and those on the pathway to become an Emergency Care Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic.

As the FREC 3 is a Prehospital care qualification we place an emphasis on embedding the theory into as much practical work as we can manage in a variety of settings ranging from domestic to wilderness.  We have two classrooms available at a permanent base, wide screen audio visual facilities and an extensive selection of equipment plus a handpicked library including Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Street and Wilderness Medicine by Dr. Paul S. Auerbach. We also have an extensive selection of journals and PDFs you would otherwise have to pay to obtain access. You will be supported pre and post course to ensure you benefit from this qualification after investing in yourself.  Once you have chosen your FREC 3 date, we have your recommended pre-course reading of the “Generic Core Material of the Prehospital Emergency Care Course, Royal College of Surgepns Edinburgh” sent out by courier along with your free Celox Z-Fold gauze.  It’s not all about reading as we supplement your learning with select links to online bite-size videos.

Free post on first aid supplies over £30 or collect for free

High Peak First Aid Supplies has free post on all orders over £30 or you can choose the option to purchase and collect for free between the hours of 9-4.30pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Our new products are in stock so if you work in the Hope Valley or visit the Peak District you can collect first aid supplies for the workplace or first aid kits for the outdoors.

The first new products to go into the High Peak First Aid Supplies shop will be our extensive range of burn dressings.  Burn dressings are a must have if you are taking part in any activity in the outdoors where stoves or fire is present.  Our current product range has burn dressings for minor burns right up to a dressing for the face and hands.  These burn dressings can be use as well as immersion in water which is still the standard treatment for burns, however, the application of a burn dressing reduces scarring and reduces pain.

High Peak First Aid Supplies

High Peak First Aid Supplies is based at the same address as High Peak First Aid Training.  In addition to our classroom’s we have a large office space where all our first aid supplies are packed and posted out.  We are currently reviewing our postage and are looking to make some items postage free as well as offering the option to pick up goods.  In addition to this, our PDF price list is almost finished and new items are almost ready for showing in the shop area.

We have a varied selection of stock that is suitable for equipping a first aid room from Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) to eye pads.  There is also a good selection of first aid kits for the outdoors, so if you are involved in any outdoor activities then we will have a suitable first aid kit for you.  If you are attending any assessments for Single Pitch Award (SPA), Mountain Leader Summer or Winter then we can provide you with robust first aid kits that will withstand the outdoor environment. We have a selection of first aid kits for Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards that contain burn dressings which is a requirement under the D of E guidelines. If you work in a high risk environment we now stock the full range of Celox and always have tourniquets in stock as well as trauma dressings.

By attending a first aid course at High Peak First Aid participants will have the opportunity to use some of the products we have for sale and to receive discounted prices. In addition to this we have a first aid kit module on each course so depending on which High Peak Wilderness First Aid Module is chosen a participant will gain a thorough understanding on what to put in a first aid kit.  Attendance on First Aid at Work courses or outdoor courses allows access to free CPD events such as Celox and Tourniquet training.


High Peak First Aid Supplies

High Peak First Aid Supplies has almost finished our new price list for a comprehensive range of first aid supplies.  In addition to this our webshop is filling up with products that we will shortly release for you to purchase.  Our complete range will have first aid kits for the workplace and for those who need first aid kits for the outdoor environment.  We will have dedicated sections for outdoor first aid, forestry first aid and remote area first aid to name a few. These sections will have bespoke kits that are more cost effective to buy as opposed to the individual items.  There will also be a complete range of Celox and tourniquets for the arrest of major haemorrhage.

If you attend a course at High Peak First Aid we also offer you free Celox and Tourniquet training, additional Emergency First Aid at Work (6hrs) certification for free and a discount on any first aid supplies bought on the day.  On select courses such as The High Peak Wilderness First Aid Modules 1-5 we have special offers on bundles of first aid supplies for those working in remote or hostile environments.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting new products in the latest new section.