Open for training

New opportunities for learning. Due to local and possible national impending restrictions, we are offering blended learning on our courses for those who cannot or do not want to travel. This is being activated over the next 7 days to coincide with our new website.

The first qualification with this option is First Response Emergency Care (FREC 3). We are approved by Qualsafe to hold theory modules via your PC, combined with two days practical training at our three classrooms in the Peak District.

This interactive and tutor lead experience means you can interact via PC from the comfort of your own home, paying for FREC 3 modules as you go and at a time to suit as we have day, weekend and evening slots available. You can see details of how this works for the FREC 3 here

Further details will be released over the next few days for other first aid and prehospital care qualifications.

Immersive learning for all First Aid Training

The first week back to full-time first aid training and introducing our immersive classroom. After 23 years of providing first aid training for urban and remote environments it has been amazing to see the results of immersive learning on our participants. The reduced group size due to COVID-19 has meant more time for practical work in and out of the classroom. Rotating through five individual scenarios for Primary Survey, CPR with management of Hypo and Hyperthermia has been incredible as it is possible to put every lesson into context if needed along with group discussions. This is active learnings at it’s best.

About five years ago, I thought an MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management at the University of Leicester seemed like a good idea. It did not cross my mind it would be a mammoth undertaking by distance learning whilst managing a very busy company. I survived: just. I concocted a dissertation that stated, ” Does competency in wilderness first aid training increase by using simulations involving injects and reflective feedback after active and experiential learning?”

The title seemed a good idea at the time until I found that there was only one, yes, only one other piece of literature available after a very extensive search. Staff at The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in the USA had written a paper. I figured they were the first and managed it so I could be the second. It worked, I passed and it wasn’t too shabby as I screamed into the finish line on time.

The immersive classroom though, is the final piece in the jigsaw. After one week of training I am amazed at the results I am having on our first aid courses. I also know that the first week has only scratched the surface of what can be achieved.

The first people to use the immersive classroom were the Wilderness First Aid 16hr courses. The next course will be First Response Emergency Care (FREC3) Having to adapt all first aid training due to COVID-19 was challenging but easily overcome by a combination of immersive classroom and the ability to step straight outside into wilderness terrain when needed.

I have spent a lot on PPE and specialized, sanitation products as safety is first over profit. I am extending this ethos to provide boxes of face masks at cost to participants for themselves and families. This week will also see the introduction of fill your own empty hand sanitizer bottles from our stock at High Peak First Aid, again at cost.

Last but not least, a big thank you to all the people who kept bookings at High Peak First Aid. As a Ltd Company Director I took the decision to not furlough as I could not have worked on the company and kept my customer service available.

I have personally trained over 23,000 people. I think I have it in me for another 23,000!

Return to First Aid Training in June

The first aid training will be compliance with the Government, Awarding Bodies and HSE guidelines. Due to social distancing, we are only taking five people per course in June and July.  As a result of this the fee has increased but will include:

  • All PPE.  We are using see-through face shields so you do not have to struggle the day through a paper mask which often increases face touching to adjust the fit. In addition, you keep the face shield.
  • Five people per course as this will ensure you receive more practical sessions and individual attention.
  • You will receive one mannequin per person with face shield as this decreases the chances of infection significantly.
  • The two classrooms will be “fogged” or sanitised at the end of each day.  We are using this method because it ensures we can cover all the areas your are likely to come in contact with throughout the day.
  • We also havd a supply of PPE for purchase on courses.  These will only be sold in boxes and not split as this will reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Temperatures will be taken on site at the start of each day.
  • We are implementing a track and trace system.
  • We have our own tea making facilities that are not shared with anyone else in our classroom.
  • We have our own toilet within our building that is not shared with anyone else.
  • All classroom floors are hard laminate with a wood effect.  These are easy to sanitise during the day, at the end of the day and between courses unlike carpet.
  • We have no shortage of cleaning products as the Director is a “germophobe”!

Our usual standards of cleaning have been “Pandemic Ready” since 2007 when we took over out current building so adding some slight changes does not really cause a problem.

We are currently providing our FREC 3 course by a blend of virtual classroom and onsite training.  All Wilderness First Aid 16hrs and Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader courses are on site.

COVID-19 Update

COVID 19 Update

We are still open and will continue to run courses unless the UK Government applies restrictions on all travel.  Regarding hygiene, I personally do the following at the end of every course:

  • Change all mannequin lungs and disinfect mannequin body (you will receive a disposable and individual face shield on the course for your mannequin.  Current best practice for  breaths and CPR will be explained.
  • All work surfaces, hand rails, equipment used and touched are cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant
  • I personally wash the cups in very hot water and rinse (we have no tea towels so air dry)
  • We have no towels on the premises as we use disposable paper for hand drying and drying of cups if needed
  • We have a hospital grade floor that is also disinfected
  • We use Dyson hot and cold fans to heat the building and purify the air (I am not stating that this removes Corona Virus but is great if you have asthma)
  • People with obvious seasonal flu are not permitted to attend a course and can be turned away on the day in accordance with our terms and conditions
  • Hand washing is emphasised on all courses
  • If you have new symptoms of a cough or

This was my cleaning regime before Corona Virus, so nothing has changed for us! If you need to contact me, please use