Blended Learning
Zoom and on-site


We have guaranteed FREC 3 dates this February and March for blended learning.  Keep checking back as more dates are going up for March, or alternatively, please contact us. 

We are providing the opportunity to pay as you go in two hour slots for blended learning in the form of virtual, tutor lead learning plus two days on-site after completion of all ten blocks with twenty weeks to complete if needed.  This blended learning that is approved by Qualsafe, the Awarding Body will include interaction in our immersive classroom, the chance to consolidate knowledge between units and access to our online learning portal. An ideal opportunity if you are in an area with restrictions and cannot or do not want to travel.  Booking is at the foot of the page along with a live chat button if you need to speak to the course Tutor.

You can see an overview of dates here

First Response Emergency Care is a qualification on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) and therefore regulated by OFQUAL. The FREC suite of qualifications has been developed by the Awarding Body Qualsafe and clinically endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh – Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (FPHC). High Peak First Aid is an approved Qualsafe Centre to provide the First Response Emergency Care Level 3 qualification.

The FREC system is modular based, enabling a participant to progress through each level from FREC 3 to FREC 6 if desired.  On successful completion of all levels and competencies, the participant can apply for registration as a Paramedic with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).  The modular nature of this qualification allows the participant to “step -off” at any point.

This Level 3 Certificate meets the FPHC criteria for descriptor ‘D’ provider on the PHEM skills framework.  More details are here Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (RQF) Qualification Specification

The FREC 3 provides a solid foundation for the learner to be competent to deal with a wide range of medical and trauma situations in the prehospital environment and is suitable for but not limited to:

  • Event first aiders
  • Fire fighters
  • Police fire arms and medics
  • Close protection operative: this qualification is recognised by the Security Industries Authority (SIA)
  • Expedition Leaders UK and overseas
  • Journalists working overseas
  • Researchers working overseas
  • Film Crews working in remote areas
  • Aid workers in hostile or disaster prone countries
  • Community Responders in the UK
  • High risk work environments in the UK and overseas
  • Offshore workers

There are two options for taking your FREC 3 qualification at High Peak First Aid:

Attend a five day course in the Peak District at our training facility.  Details here

Look on the calendar below and select Modules of 2hrs duration to cover the theory elements.  Choose two on-site days listed just above the calendar to attend on-site.  You have 20 weeks to complete this qualification so you start now, pay as you go for each Module and attend our training facility ready to go for solid back to back practical’s.

Although not mandatory, learners are encouraged to do a minimum of 118hrs self-directed study.  The self-directed study can include additional reading and applied practice.  Motivated participants used to self-directed study will be able to complete this section without additional help.  However, we offer assistance for learners who are new to this type of study and may not have the opportunity for placements or to put skills into practice as a first responder during the 20 weeks allowed to complete this qualification.  Learners may choose as an example,  some of the following options:

  1. Reflective writing after reading books, journals on an area of interest linked to prehospital care.
  2. Setting up protocols for the use of AED’s in the work place.
  3. Formation of a disaster plan for their organisation, trekking group if involved in a natural disaster.
  4. Setting up a training programme for Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction for the local population.

We will offer support before, during and after the qualification to ensure the guided learning hours are completed successfully.

After 3 years the qualification can be revalidated over 3 days.


The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh – Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

3 years

This entry level course requires no previous knowledge in first aid.  Providing a participant is willing to apply themselves and complete the five day FREC 3 and guided learning hours, they should be able to obtain a pass. However, to gain the most from the course, some previous knowledge by attending a first aid course is desirable. Participants need to be at least 17 years old to attend the FREC 3. Due to the assessments adequate numeracy and literature skills are needed to obtain a pass.

Those with a Level 2 First Person on Scene (Intermediate) qualification that has been taken in the last three years can attend a 3 day FREC requalification course. Please contact us for details.

Continuous assessment is applied through the course. In addition to this, there are three  multi-choice question papers and 15 practical assessments.

The FREC Level 3 can be followed by FREC 4, FREC 5 and 6, providing entry requirements are met.  This progressive suite of pre-hospital care qualifications are part of an HCPC approved programme to enable a learner to become a Paramedic.


Please see the calendar below for FREC 3 course until the end of 2020. Our Peak District training facility is easily located by public transport:  we have good connections with Manchester, including Manchester Airport and Sheffield. To book, please pick your unit from the dropdown below and select the start time.  Units can be completed in any order.

The two on-site days for practical work are: March  13-14 (2 places), 22-23 (full),  27-28 (1 place), April 12-13 (1 place), 24-25 (4 places).  There will be more on-site dates throughout the year.  If we have another lock-down, your on-site date will be moved forward in consultation with you.  We will also add extra dates to ensure you complete the training.  Qualsafe can also allow an extension on the 20 weeks to complete if there are extenuating circumstances (e.g you are in Ireland or Scotland and are not allowed to travel).  If booking all units, please state on-site dates in the booking process.  By paying £59.40 for each 2hr module you have already paid for the two on-site days, so the total course fee is £594.

If you need to speak to us, the course Tutor is available on the chat button at the bottom of the page. In addition, there is a short video below explaining how to book the FREC 3 Modules. Remember to click the black bar across the top of the calendar to show the different modules; booking your modules is just like booking a series of gym classes.