Another lockdown on the way? Our FREC 3 promise.

We have been providing our blended FREC 3 courses over the past few months. This consists of 10 x 2hr Modules via Zoom for theory with a Tutor.  The theory is a mix of videos, quizzes and discussions followed by two days on-site for practical work and assessments. We have completed a number of courses this way now and it is a great way to get started.  Theory is theory and has to be done and far better if your own home, with a cup of tea and snacks than sat in a classroom wearing a mask.

The other bonus is that if you live more than a daily drive away from our centre in the Peak District, you only have two days of accommodation to pay for. COVID restrictions and lockdowns change rapidly, so at least you get the theory done at home and if you cannot make the two days on-site for practicals and assessments we move you to the next date. You have twenty weeks to complete the FREC 3. We promise to leave nobody behind, so if you start with us we will ensure you complete the training.

Below is an overview of the January dates. More will be added for February onwards. If you cannot make our advertised dates, please email as we can accommodate you. The next two dates on-site are January 23-24 and February 13-14.

If you need to spread the cost, each module is £59.40 and when all ten are paid for this also includes your two days on-site.

You can book each module here

Alternatively, please email with your dates and we will send over our bank details. We are not closing over the holidays so all emails are replied to every day and evening.


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