Additional FREC 3 dates

Blended learning for FREC 3 has been going ahead over the last couple of weeks and has received positive feedback. Participants have stated they appreciate the pre-course preparation on our learning portal, the short, tutor lead sessions and then having the opportunity to receive the module material on the learning portal. So in effect, three opportunities to cover the information. We make our own videos, so they are relevant and to the point. We also use other media such as YouTube where appropriate.

You can spread the modules out over a number of weeks. I have put an overview of the additional and new dates below. Each module is £59.40, so you pay for them all at once, of if needed, you can pay as you go to spread the cost. The cost of the two days on-site for the practicals and assessments is already paid for within the 10 x 2hr theory modules.

We have to do theory as part of FREC 3 and under the current situation, staying at home, meeting other via your PC and learning is a great option.

You can see the table below to check against your diary. Bookings and more explanations are here


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