Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader 11-14 August

This is the course to book if you are a leader or participant on an overseas expedition. On this course we ensure you have carefully planned your wilderness trip in advance by giving you over twenty years of our experience. You will then be confident and prepared to deal with an incident or evacuation of an ill or injured person. We look at some of the external factors that can delay or even stop rescue of a person and ways to avoid and get round such an occurrence. We will take you through some basic to advanced first aid techniques and will make sure you have the knowledge to put a comprehensive medical kit together that will also survive the environment you are visiting.

We have over 900sq ft of training area totally dedicated to Wilderness First Aid training and access to acres of private land with varied terrain for practical scenarios.  Plenty of  free parking, free WIFI, easy access to public transport, stacks of outdoor related magazines and books for you to read.  An abundance of equipment, mannequins and stretchers for you to use plus experienced and knowledgeable Tutors with experience in rescue teams and on expeditions.

We have been providing first aid and medical skills training for the urban, wilderness and hostile environments since 1997.  Previous clients include three successful Everest Expeditions, British Gurkhas Nepal, Combined Cadets Adventurous Training, Force Development Training Centre, Joint Services Adventurous Training, RAF Cranwell, NRDC ITA and Paddle Nepal.  We also trained Sanubabu Sunuwar before his epic flight from the summit of Mount Everest last year! Babu and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa are the National Geographic Adventurers of the year.

By booking with us you are also helping to raise the safety standards in Nepal.  We work closely with Paddle Nepal a rafting company to train their staff in Wilderness First Aid and safety standards.  We employ a sliding scale of fees to our courses to enable young, potential raft guides the opportunity to gain an international qualification and employment in rafting companies.  This enables them to gain experience to then work overseas in Iceland, Europe and Japan and ultimately bring an income to their families.  We work extremely hard in Nepal but we love the chance to help out other people!

Medical Gases on High Peak Wilderness Expedition Leader Course


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