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High Peak First Aid has always been an adaptable business, more so now than ever. We are offering blended learning on courses to allow you to continue with first aid and prehospital care training. The theory aspect of each course will be held via your PC and will be Tutor lead. It is the same as sitting in a class but you get to stay in the comfort of your own home, no worries about coronavirus, no mask and a cup of tea to hand.

Remote learning via a PC is not about looking at a Tutor talking to you. Learning via a PC is interacting with other participants who you can see as well as the Tutor. You will have the opportunity to enter our immersive classroom via your PC and decide the outcome of the patient during the lesson. You can even talk to the patient and they will reply in real time. Our immersive classroom has hundreds of interactive scenes plus the additional scenes we have added from our 360 camera/video recorder.

After the module you will be invited to our online learning resource to reinforce your knowledge before the next module. Our learning resource has explainer videos, text, case studies, flip cards and games. The learning is segregated into what you need to know and learn plus extra learning options if you want to explore topics in more detail.

The final part of your training is to attend our venue in the Peak District for the practical element. As you have already covered the theory and reinforced your understanding you will benefit more when it comes to the practical elements.

Another major plus point is that we have divided the theory into small chunks to be taken at a time to suit, so you can learn early morning, day time, evening and weekends. If you need help, we give you a Tutors number so you can use WhatsApp. We are open from 0600hrs-2100hrs seven days a week for those on GMT and by arrangement at other times for clients in different time zones. All you need is a PC and internet connection. We will also help you set this up if you are not sure how to get started.

We understand that some people want face to face training. This will still be available when restrictions are lifted. However, to continue the best we all can in this ever changing situation, the model above is the best option. As a Company Director I was sceptical about remote learning but am now a convert when I see the standard our learners can achieve. On a training course you have limited time to learn, plus we have COVID compliance to deal with. We all learn at a different rate, so remote learning via a PC, reinforced in a variety of ways between modules and before the practical element puts you in a far better position for learning, retaining and implementing your new skills and knowledge. If you are not sure, give it a try and you might just become a convert.


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