TraumaFix® Military Dressing

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Major Bleed Trauma Dressing

• Fabric waterproof packaging
• Highly absorbent dressing pad
• Pressure bandage
• Easy & fast self administration
• Quick-fix fastening
• Applies pressure whilst the casualty is being moved
• Green camouflage packaging, with skin camouflage bandage

TraumaFix® is designed to be versatile and effective. Suitable for a wide variety of injuries, and capable of application to almost any body part. This dressing helps to quickly stem blood-flow and protects the wound-site from contamination.  The dressing pad is made from smooth Rayon so as not to stick to the wound site and encourages fluids to pass through into the dressing.

The dressing pad consists of 700gsm absorbent fibre, capable of absorbing up to 15 times its own weight in fluid, ideal for a heavy-bleed wounds.  Direct pressure can easily and quickly be applied to a wound and the “Velcro” fixing provides the fastest means to secure or adjust the bandage.  The dressing is vacuum packed to minimise storage space.


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Weight 0.81 kg

10cm x 19cm, 20cm x 19cm


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