New Courses for Hang Gliding and Paragliding

We now have new Wilderness First Aid Courses for Hang Gliders, Paragliders and Airsports enthusiasts. I recently had a flight in Nepal with  Babu Sano Sunuwar the Nepali national champion. Babu was my student on a Wilderness First Aid Course organised by Paddle Nepal and he was working for Blue Sky Paragliding owned by David Arrufat.  When he said I should be his student I jumped at  the chance! I have some excellent photos and  a video flying from Sarankhot at Pokhara.  Sadly we had to abort our original flight near Machhapuchare Base Camp due to a major thunderstorm – we fled down the valley to Green Wall with the storm chasing us but still managed to fly at a lower altitude and had a great time.

I nearly turned down the offer to fly as I suffered from life threatening Pulmonary and Cerebral Oedema when working at a Rescue Post in Nepal a couple of years ago. A crackly phone call from Pokhara to Judy Leden from Airways Airsports, Derbyshire saved the day. Judy Leden and her team have now been on a couple of courses with us so I took her advice and had a great flight.  Last week we had Mark Bosher from Peak Air Sports on a course  – this lead to the development of 2 and 4 hour courses.


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