Epilepsy – Tonic Clonic

Types of Epilepsy
Generalised convulsions affect the entire brain and are divided into two sub-types:

Tonic Clonic (used to be known as Grand Mal)
This type of seizure affects the entire brain.

During the tonic phase
A person may lose consciousness and not be aware of what is happening around them. Muscles go stiff and if standing the person falls to the floor. it is possible for air to escape past the vocal chords sounding like the person is crying out. During this phase the person may bite their tongue or insude of their mouth.

During the clonic phase
A person’s limbs will jerk quickly and rhythmically. In addition, there may be loss of bladder and bowel. Breathign can be affected, causing cyanosis (blue tinge to skin)

Most tonic-clonic seizures last between one and 3 minutes. If the sizures lasts longer than 5 minutes and ambulance should be called.

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