High Peak First Aid Trainer Mentoring Scheme

We have just started our mentoring scheme for Trainers!  I am working closely with a few individuals on our first programme to enable them to provide our Wilderness First Aid Course.  This course evolved from feedback on our Evaluation Forms over 14 years: listening to our clients is one of our major strengths. We now have a system that we have developed to ensure that you can feel confident to treat a casualty in a wilderness setting.  To help you, all course members receive a waterproof, wilderness manual that is designed to go in your first aid kit and waterproof casualty card.  There is also our comprehensive online manual.

I have decided not to grow our company too large as I do not want to flood the market with Trainers running our courses.  Our panel can also monitor the feedback more closely and ensure that our clients are getting what they want. Each Trainer has an area to cover so they are guaranteed work as they will be the only one running our Wilderness First Aid Courses.

No Classroom - No Problem!


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