Due Diligence in your choice of a first aid training provider

Today the HSE have issued a statement on their website with regards to choosing a first aid training provider and have made particular reference to first aid training in the outdoors which can be found at this link  First Aid Regulatory Change Takes Effect.  This is good news for everyone as it gives more freedom for your choice in choosing a provider as long as that provider can prove they are working to recognised standards.  There have been many organisations and providers lobbying for change.

The common thread is to work to recognised standards and guidelines with qualified tutors that have experience in the topics they are teaching and have a robust administration system to back this up. Not forgetting to ensure that the training meets its aims in providing first aiders who are competent to provide immediate care to the ill or injured.

High Peak First Aid has been involved in discussions/meetings with a number of training providers and organisations.  One of these organisations are the Institute for Outdoor Learning. High Peak First Aid was asked to attend a working party set up by the Institute for Outdoor Learning: a representatives from the Mountain Training Association and the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority were present along with individuals from other organisations. Over several meetings, training standards and course content were discussed and more people were asked to contribute.  We also took information back to our courses and consulted with our clients and fed back the results to the IOL.   The IOL has not set out to say they are the only route training providers involved in the outdoors should be taking.  However, they have produced an article on Outdoor First Aid Training which also has a link to Outdoor First Aid Training Standards which  is a document open for consultation.  If you have any views on this, contact the IOL.

To ensure our clients are reassured with our standards we have a Due Diligence link on our website.

Nicola Pickering

Company Director – High Peak First Aid Training

Sunset in the Peak District

Sunset in the Peak District


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