Today, we launched #CELOX4UKRAINE. In the UK we are fortunate that we can buy haemostats for our first aid kits and are, hopefully, unlikely to use them. Compared to other first aid kit items it is expensive, but if you need to use it at the retail price of £46.80 and you saved a life or your life was saved, the cost is immaterial, right? Privilege is being able to buy this product and then throwing it away when it expires. The Health and Safety Executive states it should be updated in your first aid kits. I personally wouldn’t push my luck and would replace it.

I like to work so everyone wins. If your Celox Z Fold Rapid has 6 month expiry date left on it, contact me on WhatsApp 07931 360328 to show me the packet and if it looks OK, you can post it to me. I will then send you a very discounted, straight-from-the-distributor replacement pack. Typically these have a 5 year shelf life.

Since the war in Ukraine started I have been working with a network of volunteers who are doing an incredible job of fundraising. Sadly, a significant amount of the haemostats, tourniquets and Trauma dressings are used not long after arriving in Ukraine. A high percentage of the products are not just going to the front line but to families.

Please use the WhatsApp button on this page to contact us.

Packing Gen 7 CAT Tourniquets for Ukraine


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