Celox and Tourniquet Training

Celox and Tourniquet training takes place several times a month at our training facility in the  Peak District.  This course is delivered as a standard two-hour module and is a bolt on to our first aid at work course and Wilderness First Aid Module 3.  This course can also be delivered at your venue. Details of this course are found here. During this course you will become familiar with the full Celox range: Celox granules, Celox z folded gauze, Celox gauze on a roll and the Celox applicator.  By attending this course you will understand when and how to use all Celox products.  In addition to this we also cover when and how to use a tourniquet.   High Peak First Aid is a stockist of Celox products and tourniquets.  The aim of this course is to ensure that particpants have the knowledge and confidence to use Celox haemostats to arrest life threatening bleeding. For further details on a group booking, please contact 01433 621484 or email info@highpeakfirstaid.co.uk



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