15 Year Celebration!

Thank you! We have now been providing courses for 15 years! From a business point of view I have been looking forward to the start of 2012 as plans for the year started last summer.  During January we are rolling out new courses, additions to our training team and we are also adding value in many forms for returning and new clients –  I will be announcing updates here!

The last 15 years has been a very interesting journey for High Peak First Aid and for myself as the Company Director.  A client recently asked me if I ever get bored running courses.  Simply…no! Every course is different due to the varied individuals who attend – everyone on a course has qualities to contribute and we aim to draw those together, add our input and send you off to be qualified to deal with an emergency if it should arise.

The chances of you being involved in a serious emergency are relatively low.  However, compared to the staggering amount of hours our training  team has supplied to you over 15 years  we have a lot of thank you letters and emails  from people that have had to deal with major emergencies where their training has really helped.



Casualty Packaging for Evacuation


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