Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze First Aid Kit

£14.40 inc VAT

This compact, quality first aid kit is designed for Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participants and offers essential items for addressing common injuries and emergencies in outdoor settings.

It includes a lightweight but robust carry bag with reflective strip, a brightly coloured and loud whistle,  quality and individually wrapped nitrile gloves for hygiene, a triangular bandage and crepe bandage for supporting injuries, safety pins for securing dressings, a large dressing and a low adherent pad for wound care, micropore tape for gentle adherence, wash proof plasters for minor cuts, cleansing wipes for cleaning wounds, burn gel for immediate burn relief, blister pads and a first aid guide.

This kit is tailored to be easily portable while providing necessary aid, ensuring participants are prepared to navigate the challenges of outdoor activities safely.


This first aid kit contains:

1 x Bag
1 x Whistle
2 x Pairs of Nitrile gloves
1 x Triangular Bandage
1 x Pack of 6 safety pins
1 x Crepe bandage
1 x Large dressing (10cm x 12cm)
1 x Low adherent dressing pad (10cm x 12cm)
1 x Micropore tape (2.5cm x 10m)
1 x Packet of 20 assorted wash proof plasters
3 x Cleansing wipes
1 x Burn gel
1 x pack of blister pads (5)
1 x First Aid Guide


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