BurnSoothe® Dressing

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Burns dressing in different sizes for mild to severe burns including sun burn.

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The dressing is completely sterile and can be placed directly on the wound site. Immediately after the pad is applied, the patient will experience pain relief and the gel coating stops the burning process and further damage. This product also helps to prevent infection and fluid loss from a severe burn.  The burn dressing is particularly useful in remote settings or where the casualty needs to be transported to hospital and therefore, the burn can no longer be immersed in water.

These burn dressings come in different sizes so can be used to cover the chest and abdomen, an example if a fire flares up and burns a Forestry worker. Also very useful for Duke of Edinburgh Award participants or for those camping and using stoves.  A major plus point for this dressing is that it can be applied to a face in the event of a burn and aid in the reduction of scarring. This burn dressing can also be used for extreme sun burn.

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