Bleeding Control Kit with core contents, chest seal and Celox 15g

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A bleeding control kit is essential for emergency preparedness in various environments. It has five crucial components, including a CAT 7 Tourniquet, Foxseal Vented chest seal, the Emergency Bandage 6″ (also known as the Israeli dressing), shears, and Celox 15g pack. These kits provide immediate and effective responses to life-threatening bleeding, which can be the difference between life and death.

Each component plays a significant role in controlling severe blood loss. The CAT 7 tourniquet effectively and efficiently stops arterial bleeding in limbs. The Foxseal Vented Chest Seal is designed for penetrating chest injuries, allowing air to escape while preventing air from entering the chest cavity, which is crucial in a tension pneumothorax. The Emergency Bandage 6″ combines the functions of multiple first aid devices and is particularly useful for managing large wounds. Shears are essential for cutting clothing or fabric to access wounds quickly.

Finally, the Celox 15g granules are an essential component of a Bleeding Control kit, offering rapid and effective control of severe bleeding. These granules accelerate the natural clotting process, forming a gel-like clot upon contact with blood, which is crucial for managing large wounds from injuries like gunshots or severe trauma. Their effectiveness is unaffected by the temperature of the blood or anticoagulation status, making them reliable in various emergency conditions. Celox is easy to apply, safe for use (being non-allergenic and non-heat generating), and versatile enough for different types of injuries, enhancing the overall utility of bleeding control kits in critical situations.

These kits are particularly beneficial in environments where the risk of severe injuries is higher. Workplaces like construction sites, factories, and workshops, as well as public places including schools, shopping centres, and transport hubs, can significantly benefit from the availability of these kits.

“Stop the Bleed” days emphasise the importance of quick and effective response to bleeding control. Highlighting this in training and awareness campaigns can drastically increase the number of bystanders capable of taking action during emergencies. Bleeding control kits are a cornerstone of this initiative, equipping individuals with the tools needed to save lives.

At High Peak First Aid, all our training courses cover how to stop a life-threatening bleed. Our comprehensive courses equip participants with the knowledge and practical skills to effectively use bleeding control kits in emergencies. Our training venue also features an on-site shop where participants can practice with the actual items contained in our bleeding control kits during their training and purchase these kits at a discounted price. This hands-on approach ensures that participants leave with not only knowledge, but also the tools necessary to apply that knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Investing in a bleeding control kit and training to use it significantly enhances your preparedness for emergency situations, aligning with the goals of “Stop the Bleed” campaigns to save lives and enhance community resilience.



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