Based on information from:

First Aid Quality Partnership
Resuscitation Council (UK)
Qualsafe Awards
World Health Organisation
British Government

We take your safety and that of the wider population seriously. A risk assessment has been conducted for training courses and the following represents safe systems of work to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 on High Peak First Aid Training courses amongst staff, learners, visitors and to the wider population.

We have been providing training throughout the Pandemic and have adapted our training to have minimal impact on you whilst keeping you safe.

On arrival

  • Information pack with self-performed lateral flow test included. Arrival from 0830hrs: enter centre with negative test or attend another day with no financial penalty. Arrive early to browse in the shop.

During Training

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Antiviral cleaning products are used along with Clinell wipes and 70% alcohol gel.
  • Both classrooms are ventilated by windows and air circulated by Dyson Hot and Cold fans that can project 200l/sec on full flow, filter allergens and keep the rooms at a working temperature.
  • We have two Hextio air decontamination units in the training rooms.  These units are proven to kill Coronvirus in the air with a Coronavirus DF2 – 99.9999% kill rate. In addition the units have a 99.9999% kill rate for Polio, Adenovirus, and Infleunza.
  • Robots hoover and sanitise floor areas throughout the day.
  • Building touchpoints are sanitised every four hours.
  • Gloves are worn when sharing equipment (this is unavoidable on some pre-hospital care courses such as FREC 3 and 4, hands are sanitised or washed after.
  • All mannequins are cleaned in line with current recommendations plus an additional non-reusable face shield over the top.

End of course cleaning

  • The following are sanitised using 70% Alcohol Gel, Clinell 100 wipes, Antiviral spray as appropriate: shared equipment, flat surfaces, chairs, desks, touch points (bannisters, handles, door frames) floors.
  • Floors are hospital grade, anti-slip flooring.
  • One door mat changed twice a month by professional cleaning company.
  • Bandages and tourniquets are washed in sterilising fluid.
  • Waste is removed during the day and at the end of the day.
  • Bin with a closed lid is cleaned with 70% alcohol gel inside and out at the end of every day.
  • Zapptizer anti-viral mist system used for hard to clean areas if necessary.

First Aid Provision

If needed, given by Tutor (a healthcare professional) abiding by current protocols.  An AED is present on the premises


  • Delivery drivers leave goods outside under supervision of the Tutor.
  • Classroom Door Mat changed twice a month under supervision of the Tutor.
  • Site management only enter for repairs if need under supervision of Tutor.
  • No unauthorised visitors on premises.


  • Continuous throughout the day. Written changes at the end of each course and each version kept.

Written by Nicola Pickering, Company Director and Tutor, MSc Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management

Last update: 11 May 2022