Wilderness First Aid

Expedition First Aid Courses

There are now five modules to the High Peak Wilderness First Aid courses.  This gives more flexibility for participants for dates and for the level of qualification needed.  Modules 1 and 2 build on the basics and lay firm foundations for Modules 3, 4 and 5.  We accept applicants on Modules 3, 4 and 5 if we can accredit prior learning (APL).  Modules 3, 4 and 5 are mainly for those who need a higher level of qualification if they are leading an overseas expedition.  The advance first aid skills on these modules give the participant the confidence and ability to assist the expedition medic if needed, providing valuable assistance when help is likely to be delayed.


More information can be found on the courses page.

Advanced and Expedition First Aid 2014-2015

New dates have been added to our website. We have designed our courses to be modular to enable people to attend and progress as far as needed.  The Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader series of courses cover plenty of relevant topics for those leading expeditions overseas: in particular there are modules on Altitude, Frost Nip and Frost Bite combined with the use of Oxygen.  We also have a disaster module for those who may end up leading trips to countries such as Nepal that has a high risk of earthquake.

Progressing on to the Expedition Leader course teaches a participant good expedition Medic assist skills.  If the participants expedition medic asks the trip leader to assemble a giving set or find a 14 gauge cannula, they will be able to do so.  In difficult or demanding situation far from help these skill are an asset and can be a life saver as has been proved by previous course participants.

Lastly, if you hold a teaching qualification and are a registered Paramedic, Nurse or Doctor you may like to join our existing team to work on these courses.

Spring Update

We have been extremely busy this winter/spring training in the UK, Nepal and Prague.  We have employed another Tutor, however we still have availability for other Tutors to join our  team. Potential Tutors need to hold a professional qualification in a subject relevant to the courses we provide.  So, HCPC Paramedic, Doctor, Consultant, Rescue Team Medic to name a few.  They also need to have relevant experience in the outdoors for the subject area they wish to teach in and a teaching qualification.  Applicants are invited for interview and successful applicants also go through our Tutor training programme.

Our waterproof books are now for sale and we also have great value Duke of Edinburgh Award first aid kits which include burn dressings to comply with the guidelines.  We also sell first aid kits for Mountain Leaders, Expedition Leaders, Canoeists and Cave Leaders.  You will be able to find these all on our new website which is due soon.  Course members can currently buy discounted first aid supplies on our courses.

We have increased availability on our Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader courses due to demand. These courses will be running every month throughout the year.


Summer Update!

We hope everyone has had a great summer. We have been busy and now have another member of staff and glad that we have a new office separate from the training facility. The office is on the same site as our two classrooms so it is convenient to pick up your certificate, pay for courses and first aid supplies. We are all looking forward to September as our new manual is due out, the online manual is having a major overhaul and our first aid supplies catalogue will be ready with over 1,000 items for sale.

Happy New Year from the UK and Nepal!


We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! We would like to thank all our clients for the last 16 years.  Without your help we wouldn’t be where we are.  Once again this UK Winter, our High Peak Wilderness First Aid Training is divided between the UK and Nepal.  Courses are running in both countries – we have a receptionist, Sarah,  in the UK to take your call and Sandie our Office Manager is co-ordinating bookings.  I am co-ordinating our Nepali bookings this season and running our wilderness first aid courses. I will update our site with photos shortly.  We have a great mix of Nepali and International guides in a fantastic locations.

2012 has seen another increase in our level of business and we have been planning over the last 12 months for a great 2013 which we look forward to sharing with you!