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High Peak First Aid Supplies

High Peak First Aid Supplies is based at the same address as High Peak First Aid Training.  In addition to our classroom’s we have a large office space where all our first aid supplies are packed and posted out.  We are currently reviewing our postage and are looking to make some items postage free as well as offering the option to pick up goods.  In addition to this, our PDF price list is almost finished and new items are almost ready for showing in the shop area.

We have a varied selection of stock that is suitable for equipping a first aid room from Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) to eye pads.  There is also a good selection of first aid kits for the outdoors, so if you are involved in any outdoor activities then we will have a suitable first aid kit for you.  If you are attending any assessments for Single Pitch Award (SPA), Mountain Leader Summer or Winter then we can provide you with robust first aid kits that will withstand the outdoor environment. We have a selection of first aid kits for Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards that contain burn dressings which is a requirement under the D of E guidelines. If you work in a high risk environment we now stock the full range of Celox and always have tourniquets in stock as well as trauma dressings.

By attending a first aid course at High Peak First Aid participants will have the opportunity to use some of the products we have for sale and to receive discounted prices. In addition to this we have a first aid kit module on each course so depending on which High Peak Wilderness First Aid Module is chosen a participant will gain a thorough understanding on what to put in a first aid kit.  Attendance on First Aid at Work courses or outdoor courses allows access to free CPD events such as Celox and Tourniquet training.


Free Celox Training

Free Celox training is available for any previous participant on a High Peak First Aid course.  This offer is limited until October 2016:  after this date a course fee will apply.  However, the Celox training can be taken as a bolt on Module to First Aid at Work, and is incorporated into Wilderness First Aid Expedition Leader Module 3, 4 and 5.

For people who have not attended a course at High Peak First Aid, you are welcome to join us and pay the course joining fee for Celox training.  By charging a fee we can provide courses for small numbers and do not have to wait for a course to fill to make it viable.  Staff are working in the office, so to take a break and provide training is no trouble at all. The course fee also covers certification, tea and coffee and the use of the Celox in the practical sessions.


Free First Aid Kit with First Aid at Work Renewal Courses

For all First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work renewal courses booked by 30th May 2016 we are offering a one person first aid kit.  First Aid at Work three-day courses are held twice a month at our training facility in Hope Valley, Derbyshire.  First Aid at Work Renewals are held every Wednesday and Thursday and every weekend throughout the year except on a Bank Holiday.  Alternatively, the Emergency First Aid at Work course may be more suitable for a lower risk workplace.  The Emergency First Aid at Work courses are held every Wednesday and every Saturday.

For those requiring Emergency First Aid at Work +F these courses are also held every Wednesday and every Saturday.  This course is suitable for those working in forestry, with chain saws or on farms.  The extra topics covered are crush injuries, hypothermia,  severe bleeds and Lyme disease.  These topics are in addition to the normal syllabus conducted over six hours.  These First Aid at Work courses are also suitable for those working in an outdoor environment.

High Peak First Aid training facility is easily accessible by public transport from Sheffield, Manchester and Derby. These first aid courses are also available at your venue and there are discounts for group bookings. If you need any clarification on which type of course is suitable please contact us on 01433 621484 or

Expedition First Aid Training

The High Peak Wilderness First Aid 40hr course has another date added to the calendar as the October course is now fully booked.  This expedition first aid training course is modular to enable participants to progress as far as required to satisfy due diligence for expedition companies, those working in hostile environments and companies who send employees who are critical to the day to day operation of a business overseas.  An employer may have undertaken a risk assessment and realised that the expedition, company or employee is at risk of an environmental hazard such as earthquake, GLOF, fire, tsunami or tornado.  At High Peak First Aid we place an emphasis on active and experiential learning using simulations or scenarios as a tool to ensure that participants are given the skills and confidence to deal with an accident, emergency, disaster or near miss in an urban, remote or hostile environment.

If you haven’t the foggiest of the difference between an accident, emergency, disaster or near miss: we can make sure you do after attending the High Peak Wilderness First Aid 40hr course.    Heinrich’s accident theory will make sense along with normal accidents…what is normal about an accident you may ask?  This first aid course starts with core competencies in basic first aid.  The basic skills matter as you will find out when we refer to the trimodal distribution of death and the platinum 10 minutes. As you progress you will be able to manage basic first aid occurrences in your workplace whether that is based in an urban, remote or hostile environment.  Regardless of where you work in the United Kingdom you still need to comply with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines. Reporting of accidents, COSHH and RIDDOR is common sense after you have attended this course. At High Peak First Aid we are pretty good at sneaking in the legislation that could send you to sleep. We also offer courses for clients overseas who have high standards and although not regulated by the HSE, they know and like to advertise that they adhere to the best possible safety standards.

Before you know it legislation will seem like common sense and is a small part of the course.  You will spend most of your time interacting with the Tutors who are highly qualified and experienced.  We are pretty fussy about who we employ as we expect our Tutors to work hard to impart all of their knowledge for you. As you progress on this course and you become competent at more advanced skills we never forget the basics.  The basic skills such as the primary survey, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and treatment of bleeds are what counts when an accident happens.  If you need to know when, why and how haemostatic dressings, Celox and tourniquets are needed, we can tell you, show you and have you practise.

You might be working at altitude so need to know how to recognise and treat altitude illness.  It’s not all about high altitude mountaineering: you may have a business client and be driving at altitude on the way to a factory. Attend a course with us and you will be able to recognise the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Oedema (HACE).  You will be able to act fast as you will have undertaken a comprehensive risk assessment and  be carrying a first aid kit complete with drugs for altitude illness. If you are leading a group overseas and altitude illness strikes you will also know how to use oxygen, a pulse oximeter and an oxygen concentrator.

Depending on your place of work or expedition your skills may be needed to aid a medical professional in a remote environment where help is likely to be delayed.  We cannot give you a licence to practise but can ensure you have  been trained to recognised guidelines and are competent to assist a medical professional.  You will be sharing this expedition first aid training with other like minded people who have a desire to advanced their first aid training.  We hope you never need to use the skills learnt during first aid training but we know we can give you the skills to feel confident and step forward when it counts.

This course is available in the UK for individuals and for groups in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.