Discounted Splints

A versatile, moldable and light weight splint. This splint has many first aid applications.  It can easily be molded to fit arms. legs and fingers. It can be cut to fit and the limit is your imagination.  The splint can also be used for supporting a dislocation.  The photo below shows raft guides from Paddle Nepal practising with the splint. This splint can also be used to support a sprained ankle outside  until you can return to a safe place to remove the shoe or boot to treat the sprain.  There is the opportunity to use these splints on the High Peak Wilderness First Aid 16hr Course  You can see the product here  To secure the splint a cohesive bandage is one of the best items to use.  The cohesive bandage can also be used to treat the sprain: this is also practised on the 16hr outdoor first aid course. There are 20 coupons to be used on the splint which expire at midnight on 2nd October. The coupon code is simply: splint