Nepal Earthquake

A message from Nicola Pickering: founder of High Peak First Aid.

“The concept for High Peak First Aid evolved from a solo exploration of caves in Nepal in 1993 –  1994.  Prior to this, Sir Edmund Hillary had requested the assistance of Venture Scouts from the UK to raise funds to either build schools or renovate hospitals in the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal. As a result of this request, Russell Parke organised “Sherpa 88” with an army of scout leaders, parents and helpers. Without the input from my mother, Maureen Allix my Venture Scout Leader and Sir Edmund Hillary and Russ I would not have had the privilege to go to Nepal.  The impact of meeting Sir Edmund Hillary and the opportunity to take part in this expedition led to many trips to Nepal.  Over 25 years, rivers were rafted and kayaked, opportunities for volunteering were taken up and many caves in remote areas were explored and mapped.

The Wilderness First Aid courses that High Peak First Aid developed were requested by rafting companies and Non Governmental and Governmental Organisations in Nepal. Due to the earthquake risk other courses were developed and earthquake contingency training was provided between 2010 and 2014.  When the earthquake of 25th April 2015 devastated Nepal it was without surprise but expectation as past records showed that another earthquake of similar magnitude to the 1934 earthquake was overdue.  We were pleased to hear that the training provided enabled people to feel more confident in knowing that the skills learned were there if needed.

We wanted to provide medical supplies to Nepal after the earthquake, so with the aid of children who participated in sponsored events, our generous clients, suppliers and anonymous donations we have co-ordinated over 1 tonne of medical supplies for Nepal. We are now onto our second phase to help develop Community Preparedness as Nepal will always be subject to earthquake and floods.  By attending a course at High Peak First Aid you are helping us to provide for Nepal.

We also sponsor Duke of Edinburgh Award participants who show initiative or who would benefit from sponsorship at Bronze, Silver or  Gold. More information about our sponsorship for Duke of Edinburgh Award participants can be found here”.

Photos supplied by Amir Bagale of Direct Way Exporters who are our Cargo Company of choice for shipping our course equipment back from Nepal.